Does Your Company Need Social Media Training?

Social Media Training

It truly saddens us when we discover a great company on social media that isn’t living up to its potential. The company is clearly missing a social media marketing strategy and has been squandering their opportunity to raise brand awareness, communicate with and retain their existing customers and extend their reach to new customers using social media.

Being successful with social media for business is based on establishing credibility in your industry and developing key relationships that help propel your brand above the competition. We work closely with your company to customize a social media marketing training program tailored specifically with your team’s schedule, experience level and marketing objectives in mind.

Every company can be successful marketing their brand on social media. It all starts with first having the right social media marketing strategy. With the right guidance from our team of true social media experts, brand marketers and creative content storytellers, your company can gain an understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts of business social media as well as the best tools and techniques to maximize your time and resources.

Some of the social media training your company can learn from us include:

  • Learning the benefits of using social media for business.
  • What it really entails to become a social business.
  • How to find your brand’s social media voice and online personality.
  • Gaining an understanding of the key strategic differences between each social media platform including:
    • Social media training for Facebook
    • Social media training for Google+
    • Social media training for Twitter
    • Social media training for LinkedIn
    • Social media training for Pinterest
    • Social media training for Instagram
    • Social media training for YouTube
  • Selecting the most appropriate social media platforms for your brand, industry and relevant demographics.
  • How to write for business social media.
  • Time management tools for social media marketing.
  • Developing a customized content marketing strategy.
  • Learning how to build and grow a new business profile from scratch on multiple social media platforms.
  • How the right social media branding can position your company for social media success.
  • Business blogging strategy and tactics for effective social media promotion.
  • How to build consumer engagement on social media.
  • Best practices for growing website referral using social media.
  • How to use social media tools to best promote your content and marketing message to the right targeted consumers.
  • The differences between developing your own business social media team
    versus outsourcing social media management services from an agency.
  • How to properly listen to and respond to your customers on social media.
  • Tactics to reach out and connect with new consumers.
  • How to market directly to the followers of your competitors on multiple social media platforms.
  • Building the right social media campaigns for your business.
  • How to identify new social media influencers in your market.
  • Measuring the success of your social media marketing efforts.

Today’s social media marketing landscape provides so many exciting opportunities for brands to extend their reach. The lines of communication have never been so open between a brand and their customers. Nevertheless, without the proper social media marketing training, these blessings can quickly become a brand’s worst nightmare. Let us help you avoid these dangers, and instead, help you become the brand people just can’t stop talking about!

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