How We Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

It’s not hard for a bird to fly or a fish to swim. The same cannot be said about the average company on social media. This is especially true for established brands with a storied history that may have underestimated their need to devise a social media marketing strategy early on. They’ve been a market leader without social media for decades, why bother? As social media marketing evolved into what it is today, these former market leaders began to notice that their smaller competitors along with many new market entrants were succeeding at growing their market through social media. These once industry leaders were left scratching their heads and pointing fingers at their traditional marketing managers. Gone are the days of categorizing social media as “new media,” In reality, social media marketing has become the new traditional marketing. Social media is where your customers are talking about your competition. Wouldn’t your brand prefer that your customers were talking about your brand, or better yet, talking WITH your brand on social media?


Developing social media solutions for your company begins with our social media agency obtaining a deep understanding of where your brand has been, where it presently sits in the market, and most importantly, what direction you want to take the brand in the coming years.


An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy Begins with Brand Exploration


Let’s face it. The goals for an effective social media marketing strategy are simple. No matter the size of a company, the over-arching social media agenda is comprised of these three high-level objectives:


  • brand/product awareness on social media
  • management of brand reputation/brand perception
  • strengthening of a brand’s social media community for targeted leads, revenue generation, and strategic business relationships

The strongest and most sustainable of social media strategies begin with a social media audit. This process begins with a period of company exploration, brand exploration, and market exploration. It is upon this foundation your ultimate strategy will be built.


If you’re interested in learning more about our social media audit ➜ CLICK HERE.

Searching for a Social Media Marketing Strategy to Increase Brand Awareness?


Probably the greatest reason companies reach out to us for their social media marketing strategy is to raise awareness for their brand and portfolio of products. It might be tempting to try and be all things to all people so as to not exclude any potential consumer groups. However, 99.9% of the time we find ourselves helping brands focus their social media branding to reach a more targeted consumer group.


Each social network has differing user demographics and having a clear understanding of the target for your products will naturally grow interest and support from the right consumers. Any social media marketing strategy we develop will never make growing the number of your fans and followers a priority. Instead, our philosophy will always focus efforts on growing brand awareness with the right targeted consumers where they actually exist on social media. By building your social channels the right way, any marketing objective will be much easier to obtain whether it be online sales conversions to increased online mentions of your brand.

Concerned About Brand Reputation and Positive Perception?


Your company has already worked so hard and spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars a year to build up and protect the reputation of your brand. Why wait until your brand is faced with a public relations crisis before taking up a social media marketing strategy to help sway the narrative? Social media is a powerful tool that helps a brand maintain a continual story relationship with their most valuable consumers that want to support and show their love for your products and services. These consumers will also be the first to step up and defend your brand online whenever their support is needed.


The beauty of social media is that today’s consumers have evolved into a global army of marketers. Let’s make sure your brand is worthy of their conversations and social shares by making sure the appropriate content marketing strategy is implemented.

A Social Media Marketing Strategy to Strengthen Your Community


Many companies on social media have not learned the true value of social media and continue to use social as a means to push the same old advertisements and one-way conversations. It’s one thing to profile and strategically market to consumers, but it’s quite another to generate positive consumer engagement on your social media channels. Any worthwhile social media marketing strategy will provide reasons for consumers to engage with your business pages on social media, make purchases on your website, and share their experience with friends, family, and co-workers. Optimization of the customer experience on social media begins with great brand storytelling, brands engaging with their community and the community responding tenfold.


Regardless of the reasons why your company desires a presence on social media, just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither should your social media community. The strength of any community begins with strategic planning and a qualified team to help execute on a vision.

Let’s Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy Together!

Every brand eventually faces a point where they need a complete social media overhaul or just a social media tune-up. Whichever the situation, we can certainly steer your brand in the right direction. We can work together to provide your social media community a compelling reason to become more excited and engaged with your brand. Our marketers and creatives will collaborate on a social media marketing strategy armed with diverse content ideas that our team can develop and produce for your social streams.


  • Social Media Audit
    Key Marketing Objective: An integrated social media strategy across multiple touchpoints.
    Align company messaging and SEO for social success.
    Identify key revenue-generating opportunities.
    Advise on content to produce for brand storytelling.
    Determine challenges and opportunities for the brand.
    Understand the mindset and behaviors of your audience.
    Transform your brand into an industry thought-leader.
  • Community Builder
    Perfect for established brands that have fallen behind the times
    Key Marketing Objective: Brand Awareness & Driving Traffic to Website or Blogs
    Facebook + 1 other channel (Copywriting, monitoring)
    Social Media Audit (Add'l Fee)
    Quarterly product Videos
    Limited Amount of Photography / Graphics Included
    Social Media Contests / Sweepstakes (Add'l Fee)
    Paid Advertising Management Included
  • Community Escalator
    Key Marketing Objective: Targeted Lead Generation & Optimizing Revenue Opportunities
    Facebook + 2 other channel (Copywriting, monitoring)
    Social Media Audit (Add'l Fee)
    Monthly Product Videos
    Moderate Amount of Photography / Graphics Included
    Social Media Contests/Sweepstakes Included
    Paid Advertising Management Included
  • Community Plus
    Key Marketing Objective: reputation Management & Increasing Engagement / Social Shares
    Facebook + 3 other channel (Copywriting, monitoring)
    Social Media Audit (Add'l Fee)
    Bi-Monthly Product Videos
    Sizable Amount of Photography / Graphics Included
    Social Media Contests / Sweepstakes Included
    Paid Advertising Management Included