How Our Social Media Management Can Transform Your Brand

Are there certain companies that are more conducive to professional social media management than others? It’s a really great question with not a simple black and white answer. In general, the most common types of companies that reach out to our social media agency are mid-market companies that want to take their brand on social media to that next level. However, they have failed to produce adequate results on social from within their organization using the typical platforms of FacebookTwitterInstagram, and possibly LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest. Probably the main reason for their disappointment with social media was a direct result of these companies not investing in the resources necessary to build an internal team set-up for social media success.


Aside from the typical size and scale of a company that tends to seek out our social media management services lies a commonality that was somewhat unexpected when we first began this journey many years ago. Most companies seeking an authentic social media marketing strategy are sometimes from the most obscure of industries. These companies may have been successful in their niche B2B or B2C industry. Nevertheless, their customers are challenging to locate in the real physical world, let alone the world of social media that they have no internal knowledge with how to navigate. These companies have hit what feels like a revenue ceiling doing things the way they have for decades but soon discover, that with the right dose of brand storytelling from the right social media management team, a whole new community of consumers can be revealed.


There are also companies seeking social media management that have struggles completely on the other side of the spectrum. These companies have gotten lost in the cluttered social media streams in hyper-competitive industries such as retail, lifestyle, fashion, food or entertainment. It is in these particular industries that having a large social media presence is not only the expectation, it is essential for survival. Unfortunately, not all companies can afford or want to work with Madison Avenue agencies and their multi-million dollar retainers.


If any of these scenarios sound anything like your company, we encourage you to continue reading and see if our social media management is the right fit for your brand.

Your Staff Can Return to Being Successful at What They Do Best


It is quite common for many companies to throw the responsibilities of social media management on their marketing department, sales team, and for some companies, PR personnel. It makes perfect sense at first. Social media marketing is somewhat of a communication hybrid of all three. These companies might limp through an inconsistent and borderline amateurish style of social media posts for a few years before coming to the conclusion that their lack of a true social media marketing strategy and expertise was reckless and not representative of the high standards of their brand. These initial efforts were also ineffective in building a social audience, showing signs of engagement, and their social streams were not showing any potential as an awareness or revenue driver. Does this sound at all familiar to what your company has been going through? Not to worry. Your company is certainly the norm rather than the exception.


The greatest benefit of turning your social media management over to a social media agency is that your staff can be relieved of the burden of patchwork social for your company. They can now return their complete focus and energy towards what they do best to make your company successful. Business social requires a full commitment by a team to produce content, maintain the brand message and manage the public conversation about your brand. That is what a brand can expect from professional social media management.

Our Social Media Management Aims for Quality and Consistency


It is important for companies to develop a consistent brand identity with a voice, tone and personality that your social media community can embrace and celebrate each day. This is where the creative and marketing resources of a social media agency ensure your company has this level of consistency. We make sure what is posted on social media remains consistent with the identity of your brand. Protecting your brand is and will always be a top priority for our management team. Equally as important is making sure your social media channels are publishing content on a regular basis. This doesn’t necessarily mean our agency is focused on a specific quantity of posts per week, but it is our philosophy to make sure there is the right amount of quality posts per week.


Maintaining Corporate Communications with Social Media Management


Your company has spent years if not decades building up your brand. From your most loyal of customers, your employees, your channels partners and the general public, maintaining positive perceptions, credibility and a cohesive brand message with these corporate stakeholders is paramount. We work closely with your leadership team to ensure that your corporate brand is effectively communicated and promoted while keeping cognizant of the priority of protecting your reputation at all times. We fully understand the power of having a social media presence as well as the potential vulnerabilities that come with this social media exposure. It is a balancing act that we know how to navigate well so that our clients can have peace of mind that their brand is safe with us.

A Social Media Management Team Comprised of Brand Storytellers


Every social media marketing strategy needs a creative team that can develop and produce brand storytelling. Without well-crafted content for your social media streams, a social media management team has little to nothing to work with to promote and engage your audience. Our social media agency is successful due to our expertise and commitment to a content marketing strategy. The execution of which requires a team of brand storytellers that can work in a number of mediums and creative disciplines from brand photography and graphics to concept development, scripting, coordination, production and editorial of brand videos.

The Creation of Quality Content for Your Social Streams


Never has there been a more exciting time for brand creativity than exists today. Social media has forever changed consumer expectations from a brand’s communications. In the early days of business social media, posting traditional product photos was all consumers were expecting from brand pages. Fast-forward to brand pages succeeding today on social media and it’s clear that brands need to become media-publishers of a complex blend of video marketing styles and brand photography which tells a story in order to remain relevant and attractive enough to compete for those consumer eyeballs. Our brand of social media management floods your social streams with quality content we create. With more than a decade of experience working alongside Hollywood’s filmmaking royalty is what our founder has built this agency upon. It is this storytelling background that our clients benefit from.

Our Social Media Management Embraces the Link of SEO and Content

social-media-management - SEO

A social media agency involved in the day-to-day social media management, promotion and distribution of a brand’s content, an understanding of the link between SEO and content marketing is a must. Our social media marketing strategy embraces this link between social media content. We create and optimize your content with search rankings in mind. While social signals may not have a direct impact on search rankings, the indirect effects are undeniable. Our team understands how brand reach and engagement on social media impacts not only referral traffic and revenue but SEO as well. Content is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy, and our social media management team becomes the gatekeeper and promoter of this content so it can be found on more than just social media.

We Seek to Understand Your Social Media Customer

social-media-management - understanding-customer

Data tells a story. Thankfully, social media produces a heck of a lot of it. We take the data that your social media channels collect to learn more about your customer: which content best resonates with various age groups, region, and gender, which content generates the most engagement and which content ultimately produces the most online conversions. Not only will we be tracking this data about your customers, but also watching the social media activity of your competitors. Our social media management team wants to make sure your company is aware of any strategic shifts in your competition with regards to their social media marketing strategy, content marketing strategy, SEO strategy, video marketing strategy, or social media advertising strategy. We will then use this data to adjust your strategy as needed.

We Have Social Advertising Expertise to Grow Brands

social-media-management - social-advertising

It’s been several years since organic reach was actually a viable strategy. Remember back in those days when every social media post reached possibly a quarter of your social media fans and followers? Without a social media advertising strategy, the reach of your brand’s posts is usually only a fraction of 1% of your social media following. Just because you have fans and followers on your business pages doesn’t mean you have access to their attention without paying for it. Your brand may have the greatest content produced for social, but without a competent team profiling your audience and managing your ad budget, your social media community could possibly be just a house of cards built upon the wrong audience, or worse, an audience of fake purchased bots. Yes, there are social media companies out there which fake their social media results without their clients knowing the truth behind the growth of their followings, thereby rendering their social media business pages absolutely worthless as an ROI vehicle. At our social media agency, we build authentic social media communities that are sustainably thriving. We hope your brand is seeking the same.

Our Social Media Management Strives for Business Results


At one point in time, your company probably outsourced its tax accounting services. When your leadership did their due diligence and shopped around, they discovered that not all tax accounting firms are created equal. Some are just providing tactical data entry services and what you provide them they use. The credible tax accounting firms are strategic in nature, guiding your company in a direction for the best possible return. Similar to the varying range of tax accounting firms, social media agencies also vary drastically from one another. We are not one of those agencies that starts the conversation by asking how many social posts per week your company is seeking. This type of agency is not motivated by the achievement of business results for their clients. Instead, they frame their services around delivering a quota of meaningless agency activities. Our social media management has been designed to drive business results. This process begins with an initial social media audit and then never ends. Every year we revisit both your social media marketing strategy and content marketing strategy, as well as our strategy for your video marketing and social media advertising to make iterations and strategic shifts in direction as deemed necessary for your brand to compete.

Is it the Right Time for Social Media Management at Your Company?


The decision whether or not to outsource any service for your company comes with its challenges. Most companies would prefer to keep their brand managed from within the walls of their organization. As we’ve discussed and perhaps you’ve experienced, taking on the full breadth of what social media management requires has even larger challenges to overcome for companies without the right talent. If you and the rest of your leadership have been discussing this dilemma recently, we encourage you to peruse our social media management service packages and reach out to schedule an exploratory conversation. Nothing remotely close to hard sales tactics at our social media agency. We only provide your brand with the information it needs to make an informed decision. When it’s the right time for your company, we’ll be ready and excited to start working together.


  • Community Starter
    Key Marketing Objective: Strategic Brand Consultation/Exploration & Starter Content Package
    Social Channel Strategy (Daily Management Add'l Fee)
    1 Promo Video Produced
    Limited Brand Photography / Graphic Package
    Paid Advertising Management (Add'l Fee)
    Social Media Contests / Sweepstakes (Add'l Fee)
    Social Media Audit (Add'l Fee)
  • Community Builder
    Key Marketing Objective: Brand Awareness, Product Education, & Driving Traffic to Website and Blogs
    Daily Management of Facebook + 1 other channel
    MONTHLY Videos Produced
    Brand Photography / Graphic Work Included
    Paid Advertising Management Included
    Social Media Contests / Sweepstakes (Add'l Fee)
    Social Media Audit (Add'l Fee)
  • Community Escalator
    Key Marketing Objective: Targeted Lead Generation & Optimizing Revenue Opportunities
    Daily Management of Facebook + 2 other channels
    BI-MONTHLY Videos Produced
    Brand Photography / Graphic Work Included
    Paid Advertising Management Included
    Social Media Contests/Sweepstakes Included
    Social Media Audit (Add'l Fee)
  • Community Plus
    Key Marketing Objective: Reputation Management & Increasing Engagement / Social Shares
    Daily Management of Facebook + 3 other channels
    WEEKLY Videos Produced
    Brand Photography / Graphic Work Included
    Paid Advertising Management Included
    Social Media Contests / Sweepstakes Included
    Social Media Audit Included