Social Media Management Services for Busy Brands

At first, social media for business may have sounded like a fun undertaking for your marketing department. They were probably naively enthusiastic about senior management’s initiative to grow their companies’ presence on Facebook, Twitter and that Google+ thing. Maybe your company even considered starting a LinkedIn page, a YouTube channel and even an Instagram and Pinterest account. Little did they know how much work was actually involved in managing the day-to-day demands of business social media. The handful of marketing employees tasked with making your company successful on social media, soon realized they lacked the time in their busy schedules to give your social media channels the attention they needed. Does this scenario sound familiar? Is your company’s social media presence currently on life support?

Meanwhile, your competitors have been clearly active on social media. They have reaped the rewards of having grown a highly engaged legion of fans and followers by remaining present online each and every day, sharing social media content of value to them and making sure to timely respond to customer questions and comments. As a result, consumers are talking about your competitor’s brand online instead of thinking and talking about your brand, your products and your services. It might be time to not only save the sanity of your marketing department but also to finally maximize your online presence by outsourcing your social media services to an agency that specializes in social media marketing.

Is Your Company in Need of Social Media Management Services?



Regardless of which industry your company belongs or the type of product or services you want to promote, it isn’t easy to grow your brand on social media if you don’t have actual social media for business expertise within your organization. Even if there are marketing professionals on staff at your company that have direct experience with business social media, do they actually have time aside from their normal responsibilities to manage the day-to-day demands of social media such as creating daily creative content and crafting strategic captions for their social media posts to providing customer service and promoting posts to targeted groups of consumers? For many companies, there is simply never enough time to manage both the normal marketing operations as well as manage the daily demands of social media branding.

Has your company reached this point where you must decide whether to hire an internal social media team or turn towards an agency to provide these services? We can certainly aid your decision-making process by first conducting a social media audit of your brand to assess the present state of your social media presence compared to that of your direct competitors. By doing so, we will be able to provide strategic social media recommendations that place your brand in the best position to succeed. Based on what the social media audit reveals and the marketing objectives of your company, ImagiBrand can either provide customized social media training to members of your marketing staff or we can relieve your company from the day-to-day responsibilities with our daily social media management services.

What Should Your Company Expect From Our Social Media Management Services?

In order to effectively reach and engage today’s consumers on social media, it is essential that your brand develop a strong social media marketing strategy. This includes establishing an online personality and voice with the same consistency as your marketing communications.
At ImagiBrand, we take great pride in our unique ability to provide a blend of business expertise and creative brand storytelling to help facilitate this process. Depending on the needs and marketing objectives of your brand, we can provide any combination of several daily social media management services.

Growing a Targeted Social Media Community Around Your Brand

While having large numbers of fans and followers on all their social media channels is a goal for most brands, we want to build sustainable followings that are truly passionate about your products and services. We strategically grow your social media following to target specific consumer groups in specified areas of the world. We do so through a combination of discovering and partnering with niche social media influencers and optimizing your daily posts and branded social media content to resonate with the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. In addition, we make sure to cross-promote your brand across multiple social media channels to maximize the reach and impact of your brand.

Increasing Brand Loyalty through a Content Marketing Strategy

Over the last several years, social media has transformed everyday people into savvy and educated marketers who are now quick to sniff out and reject blatant advertising. As a result, smart brands have realized that in order to attract and retain customers they must become content publishers or content marketers themselves. This change requires the consistent creating and curating of brand relevant content that provides true value to their online following. With the right content marketing strategy, your company and products will be kept top of mind with your current customers and create the potential to reach new consumers.

With our full-service social media management services, we create and share the right type of content on a daily basis that will enhance the reputation of your brand, develop stronger relationships with your customers and influence their purchase loyalty and online support.

Providing Timely Social Media Customer Service through Social Media Listening

It’s pretty noisy out there on social media. It would however be a big mistake for any brand to put on the earplugs and ignore what is being said and by whom. We will help you filter the noise and keep you up to date with online conversations pertaining directly to your industry, your products, and most importantly, your brand.
Social media listening is the foundation of what it means to be a social company. We will monitor social media conversations occurring in real-time and respond to all relevant questions and comments on behalf of your brand. We will also utilize social media listening to help your brand avoid moments of crisis and enable the opportunity to control the conversation rather than be controlled by it.

Building Relationships with Social Media Influencers

Online word of mouth can make or break a brand. We identify your most influential social media fans and make sure they feel appreciated by engaging them in conversation and rewarding their loyalty with special rewards or promotions. Maintaining conversations in real time with passionate customers is an essential part of growing your brand reach.


While it is important to make sure we acknowledge your existing fans, we also identify and reach out to influential people on social media that can directly impact the perception of your brand and develop our relationship with them over time to eventually becoming advocates for your brand. Obtaining online support from these thought leaders with huge followings can provide your brand the credibility it needs to take it to that next level.

Tracking Social Media Growth with Monthly Reporting

The beauty of marketing your brand on social media is that it produces measurable data that we can use to help drive your brand strategically towards meeting its business objectives. Monitoring your social media analytics can make the difference between the success or failure of your online brand. We analyze and report on the growth from our social media management services and compare that performance to other businesses in your specific industry.


If we are running social media campaigns for your brand, we will keep you up to date on its online traction, provide insights throughout each campaign and recommend any strategic changes along the way. Aside from reporting on just your social media efforts, we also stalk your direct competitors to help you understand their social strategy and tactics, the key demographics of your competitor’s following and the threats and opportunities your brand should be aware of.

Interested in our social media management services for your brand?/

Explore our plans below and select the one which best fits your marketing objectives./

  • Social-Media-Marketing-Strategy
    Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Excellent place to start for organizations new to social media, are launching new products to the market, and/or lack social expertise resulting in falling behind their competition
    Requiring a period of 10-12 weeks to complete our extensive audit process, along with access to company leadership and key managers, we’ll uncover key insights to drive brand strategy
    Our social media audit provides the C-Suite with quantitative and qualitative data and analysis
    Companies receive an analysis of their competitive landscape along with a strategic channel strategy and rollout plan
    Companies become educated on which social content has been effective within their landscape and will receive our strategic position for its brand personality, style and visual identity
    Companies receive in-depth content creation suggestions
    Our extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of your brand, competitive landscape, and market results in an integrated social media marketing strategy across multiple touchpoints.
  • Social Media Content Creation
    Perfect for organizations with an established social media team within the walls of their company but lack the in-house creative talent to develop and produce the content necessary for success
    We produce tasteful branded content that is highly strategic in nature for companies desiring a continual brand story on their online streams for a myriad of business objectives
    The volume of content produced can be for daily, weekly or monthly social media posting
    Our creative production teams are built to travel and have ample experience shooting content anywhere in the U.S.
    Sophisticated, broadcast-quality videos produced that can range from traditional promotional/testimonial/user-experience video content to scripted live-action video shorts
    Company + product photography shot in-studio and/or on-location
    Customized social media graphics designed specifically for brand awareness, online community engagement, and/or for driving strategic call-to-actions such as customer signups or online purchases
  • Social Media Community Building
    Social Media Community Building
    Optimal for organizations seeking authentic growth in the online activity on their social media channels in the form of engagement, content shares and click-through to key webpages
    We utilize either existing creative brand assets or content produced by our own creative team to raise brand awareness and keep your brand top-of-mind with targeted audiences
    We specialize in transforming companies into thought-leading brands on social media
    We aim to help your company achieve its marketing objectives whether they be lead generation and/or reputation management
    Our agency will fully-optimize each of your social media channels for B2B and B2C success whether they be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest
    Companies receive paid social ad placement + management
    The strength of any community begins with strategic planning and a qualified team. We help brands earn credibility, trust and respect, and in doing so, build our clients a sustainable following of support.
  • Full Service Social Media Management
    Full-Service Social Media Management
    Ideal for mid-size organizations and large enterprises seeking a strategic agency to manage their brand’s online reputation through strategy, content, and community monitoring
    We manage each of your channels daily. This includes writing copy, monitoring engagement, providing responses as needed, and removing negative comments
    We specialize in social media storytelling + strategy so your company can focus on what it does best!
    We continually monitor the social media activity of your competitors, so your brand can always remain one-step ahead
    Our creative team works with company leadership to produce compelling social media content that entertains, educates, creates engagement, and receives those invaluable social media shares
    Companies receive paid social ad placement + management
    Our social media team acts like your own internal marketing team. We work closely with your company leadership on an ongoing basis and are in constant communication. Your company’s success is our success.