Social Media Campaigns Are Great Brand Boosters

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Social media campaigns such as contests and sweepstakes are a great way for a company to infuse its brand with a boost in consumer excitement. At the core of every successful social media campaign lies a clear understanding of the intended audience to reach, the story it wants to tell and the right strategic business objectives. Amazingly, the internet is cluttered with ineffective campaigns on the wrong social media platforms leading to the wrong places with even more puzzling messages and creative to match.

There are numerous motivations for why companies want to run social media campaigns. Maybe a company has a new product, feature, or service that needs promoting. Maybe it’s a special company event, program, or the opening of a new company store. Whatever the reason, there is certainly a social media marketing strategy and a multitude of customized campaigns that will work for any brand in any industry.

The Decline in Traditional Campaigns and the Rise in Social Media Campaigns

Each and every year, the percentage companies dedicate to their content marketing strategy and subsequent social media campaigns rise as the effectiveness of traditional broadcast and print campaigns continue to decline. Some of the most common reasons today’s brands are choosing social media campaigns over traditional marketing campaigns include:

  • The cost effective nature of social media campaigns.
  • Social media campaigns are interactive, helping build stronger relationships through engagement.
  • As the interests and tastes of your consumer market changes, social media campaigns can cater to and evolve along with them.
  • Social media campaigns can be customized to accommodate the voice and style of specific target markets.

The Endless Benefits of Social Media Campaigns

Whether your company is looking to develop stronger social media campaigns or build your very first one, we can work together to craft a campaign which best promotes your brand story and drives the right engagement with the right people.

Some of the most common benefits for running sweepstakes or a social media contest include:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Increasing engagement with your brand
  • Creating brand loyalty
  • Growing your social media following
  • Getting more customers for your product/service
  • Building your company email database
  • Enlisting user-generated content for your brand

We are passionate about crafting social media campaigns that produce results which make sense to your customers and your social media branding. Let’s work together to develop a campaign with strategic business objectives in mind and the right dose of imagination to launch your brand to that next level.

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