Content Marketing Strategy to Tell a Brand's Story

Today’s consumers don’t like to be told what they should think, what they should feel and definitely not what they should be spending their hard-earned money on. Social media has handed the control over to the consumer who now decides which brands are deserving of their love, attention, and ultimately, their evangelism. Successful brands now understand that it is imperative to develop a content marketing strategy to guide their production of branded visual content to share on their social media business pages. This content must be well-produced brand storytelling if they want to maintain the attention of their social media community.

What is in a Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media?


Brands need video marketing, photography and graphics that strategically communicate their brand essence, brand personality and brand message. That is the beauty of a content marketing strategy and the essence of social media for business. It’s a non-intrusive form of marketing that, with the right content providing value, will generate a gravitational pull that drives consumers to you. Every brand has a story. Tell that story right and tell it often and your brand will eventually reap the rewards of differentiation from others in your respective marketplace.


Visual storytelling on social media requires expertise in using high-end photography and professional-grade video production equipment. Coming up with content ideas day-in and day-out can be extremely challenging. Coming up with content that is fresh and innovative can be downright impossible for brands not equipped with a video marketing strategy, the right creative talent and the right physical tools to help conceive, develop and execute its content.


When a brand doesn’t have the physical infrastructure or these core competencies, content creation for social media can become their Achilles’ heel. So what is a brand to do?

A Content Marketing Strategy Needs Content Creation Talent


Brand storytelling and content creation are at the center of any credible content marketing strategy. When speaking to leadership at companies around the country, we hear similar stories of brands, regardless of size, that found themselves overwhelmed by the content demands that social media presents. For example, many of these brands were once excited about marketing initiatives to develop their Facebook and Instagram accounts but eventually faced an all too common content creation dilemma. Creating social media content is not easy.


Most established brands have a talented PR and marketing team. They understand how to manage traditional media buying and ad campaigns, produce marketing presentations, create internal and external marketing collateral, coordinate trade shows and other events, set-up email campaigns, write press releases and company blogs, and keep up with a brand’s internal and external corporate communications. These departments are extremely busy doing what they do best to keep the wheels of the brand moving forward. However, even if these departments had spare time in their daily schedule, most do not have a social media content strategist or a slew of professional content creators. They might have an in-house graphic designer, but this person’s expertise rarely extends into photography and video creation.


Therefore, what is a brand to do? In general, there are four common choices:


  • Build an in-house creative team
  • Hire some freelance creatives
  • Retain a production company
  • Partner with a social media agency

Content creation, especially video production, requires a great deal of moving parts that the average company may struggle to produce in-house unless there already exists an experienced creative manager at the company to direct talent. Hiring a slew of freelance creatives is a viable option if you have the ability to screen portfolios for talent and can manage varying levels of creative execution. Retaining the services of a legitimate production company for social media content can become extremely expensive. They are used to commercial production work with a mindset for pricing one project at a time. What happens when your brand is looking to produce weekly videos? Trust us, most production companies will provide fairly outrageous bids for developing, shooting and editing your projects. The other issue with production companies is that they are content creators, not marketers. They’re especially not social media marketers. Their recommendations for video production may not be what is best for your social media streams.


Yes, we are a social media agency. How convenient that we are recommending ourselves as the best solution for a brand’s content marketing strategy. Well, hold on. Creative social media agencies exist today because there was a huge need in the market for brands needing both social media management and content creation solutions. That’s why your brand and thousands of others are researching this type of solution.

A Content Marketing Strategy Requires Continual Optimization


There doesn’t exist one type of content which will work for every brand. In other words, what works well for one brand and their social media community doesn’t mean much for another brand, even if they exist in the same industry. Audiences on social media have become well-trained content marketers and storytellers in their own right. The average person has been armed for a long time with a smartphone and a personal social media community their own to keep engaged. They can sniff out a brand copycat or a lack of authenticity from a new entrant. Simply buying the same wardrobe doesn’t entitle any new kid on the block to sit at the “cool kid” lunch table. It takes continual effort over a period of time until the secret formula for acceptance is uncovered.


Therefore, every brand must have the capabilities to continually measure and optimize its content marketing strategy with the following process:


  • Create content based on strategic positioning that will provide your brand clear differentiation in your industry.
  • Publish and promote the content, closely monitoring consumer reaction to the content.
  • Measure which content resonated with which audience within your social media community.
  • Create your next round of content, optimized from the feedback received from your audience of consumers.

Content marketing requires this level of commitment to building credibility, trust, and acceptance within your targeted community. Rarely can a brand succeed by simply posting random content on their social streams and expect people to care and follow.

Reach New Heights with A Content Marketing Strategy!


The foundation of ImagiBrand arose from decades of working behind the scenes in Hollywood’s feature-film development and production world and MBA-educated marketers that were early adopters of social media. As a result of this unique background, we have developed expertise in crafting a strategic brand image and brand stories which reach targeted audiences on social media. We provide brands a solution to the “Big Content Dilemma” by working closely with them on developing a customized content marketing strategy which supports their brand image, communicates their brand message and makes them into engaging brands worthy of a social share.


  • Social-Media-Marketing-Strategy
    Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Excellent place to start for organizations new to social media, are launching new products to the market, and/or lack social expertise resulting in falling behind their competition
    Requiring a period of 10-12 weeks to complete our extensive audit process, along with access to company leadership and key managers, we’ll uncover key insights to drive brand strategy
    Our social media audit provides the C-Suite with quantitative and qualitative data and analysis
    Companies receive an analysis of their competitive landscape along with a strategic channel strategy and rollout plan
    Companies become educated on which social content has been effective within their landscape and will receive our strategic position for its brand personality, style and visual identity
    Companies receive in-depth content creation suggestions
    Our extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of your brand, competitive landscape, and market results in an integrated social media marketing strategy across multiple touchpoints.
  • Social Media Content Creation
    Perfect for organizations with an established social media team within the walls of their company but lack the in-house creative talent to develop and produce the content necessary for success
    We produce tasteful branded content that is highly strategic in nature for companies desiring a continual brand story on their online streams for a myriad of business objectives
    The volume of content produced can be for daily, weekly or monthly social media posting
    Our creative production teams are built to travel and have ample experience shooting content anywhere in the U.S.
    Sophisticated, broadcast-quality videos produced that can range from traditional promotional/testimonial/user-experience video content to scripted live-action video shorts
    Company + product photography shot in-studio and/or on-location
    Customized social media graphics designed specifically for brand awareness, online community engagement, and/or for driving strategic call-to-actions such as customer signups or online purchases
  • Social Media Community Building
    Social Media Community Building
    Optimal for organizations seeking authentic growth in the online activity on their social media channels in the form of engagement, content shares and click-through to key webpages
    We utilize either existing creative brand assets or content produced by our own creative team to raise brand awareness and keep your brand top-of-mind with targeted audiences
    We specialize in transforming companies into thought-leading brands on social media
    We aim to help your company achieve its marketing objectives whether they be lead generation and/or reputation management
    Our agency will fully-optimize each of your social media channels for B2B and B2C success whether they be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest
    Companies receive paid social ad placement + management
    The strength of any community begins with strategic planning and a qualified team. We help brands earn credibility, trust and respect, and in doing so, build our clients a sustainable following of support.
  • Full Service Social Media Management
    Full-Service Social Media Management
    Ideal for mid-size organizations and large enterprises seeking a strategic agency to manage their brand’s online reputation through strategy, content, and community monitoring
    We manage each of your channels daily. This includes writing copy, monitoring engagement, providing responses as needed, and removing negative comments
    We specialize in social media storytelling + strategy so your company can focus on what it does best!
    We continually monitor the social media activity of your competitors, so your brand can always remain one-step ahead
    Our creative team works with company leadership to produce compelling social media content that entertains, educates, creates engagement, and receives those invaluable social media shares
    Companies receive paid social ad placement + management
    Our social media team acts like your own internal marketing team. We work closely with your company leadership on an ongoing basis and are in constant communication. Your company’s success is our success.