Social Media Noise: Can Anyone Hear My Brand?

The Challenge for New Brands in This Age of Social Media Noise

Can Anyone Hear My Brand

Every new brand believes that their line of products or services is uniquely superior to what exists out there in the marketplace. They are passionate about all the blood, sweat and tears that have been poured into taking a mere idea and transforming it into something real, something primed for being embraced by the public. And more times than not, these brands have every right to feel a sense of pride and confidence in their business. They DO have something special to offer. Unfortunately, just having a great product or service offering is not enough to garner attention in a marketplace crowded with social media noise and countless companies marketing exactly the same message.

Every minute of every day, consumers are inundated with countless marketing claims on social media, ranging from unique product features to superior service, that consumers have developed a radar and subsequent immunity of sorts to blatant marketing messages. From Facebook to Twitter, the average consumer has become effective marketers in their own right. Never before have consumers been so aware of their marketing power – the value of their voice and the importance of their personal communities on social media. Consumers have simply become too smart for empty claims directed at their demographic. Consumers don’t want to be told by some company what they need or why they should like something. They want the freedom to choose what noise they are allowed to hear and what brands are deserving of their loyalty.

This, therefore, begs the question: How does a new brand avoid getting lost in this jungle of social media noise? The answer lies in making sure your brand is strategically communicating brand stories on social and not just talking about their list of features and benefits.

What are Brand Stories and Where Can I Find Them?

Brand Storytelling has been around for decades in traditional advertising. Many of the television commercials we cherish from our childhood were the result of great brand storytelling. I was always a sucker for AT&T’s “Reach Out and Touch Someone” commercials from the ‘80s which showcased the sentimental essence of the brand: connecting family, friends and loved ones.

The times have surely changed since those days, but the art of telling brand stories has not. The only thing that has changed over the years is the growth of social media platforms from which brands can use to tell their stories. The explosion of social media for business has opened up exciting new opportunities for brands to create and share online content with their greatest brand advocates and raise awareness with prospective new customers. Never have the lines of communication been so open between brands and their consumers. With a clear social media strategy, a company has the opportunity to shape perceptions surrounding their brand identity, especially when it comes to the sharing of the attitudes and beliefs that support the culture of the brand.

Today’s consumers relish in the brand discovery process. New brands with a content marketing strategy to connect emotionally with their audience through brand storytelling will not only create a vehicle through which consumers can discover them, but will be laying a solid foundation for a long-term relationship with their customers.

Can anyone hear your brand? That depends largely on whether or not your brand is telling a story worth listening to.

If you are interested in learning more about how your brand can rise above all the social media noise that exists out there, we encourage you to reach out to our social media agency, ImagiBrand, where we will work closely with you on developing your brand story and provide your company the customized social media marketing strategy and/or daily social media management services to make sure your brand story is seen and heard every day on social media.

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Richie Kawamoto

Richie Kawamoto

Creative Marketing Director at ImagiBrand
Richie is the Co-Founder and Creative Marketing Director at ImagiBrand, a creative social media agency specializing in brand storytelling through a full array of social media management services. They work closely with brands to help focus their brand identity on social, develop a unique online personality and find creative ways to use social media to tell their brand story. Prior to becoming a brand marketer, Richie managed large creative teams in the development, production and/or delivery of well over 20 high-profile Hollywood feature film projects and collaborated with some of entertainment's most influential figures from Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis to Tom Hanks and Adam Sandler. Recognized for being a passionate, creative storyteller, Richie has demonstrated marketing savvy through creative product placement branding and the development of strong partnerships throughout entertainment and social media. Richie is a life-long fan of the Seattle Seahawks, thick cuts of Hamachi sushi, gourmet mac n' cheese and his cute but extremely demanding Boston Terrier named Chuck Norris.