Helping Companies Grow and Manage Their Social Media Communities

There can be numerous reasons why you’re looking into outsourcing your brand’s social media marketing. Maybe your brand is a new entrant into a market and has no interest in growing an in-house social media team. Perhaps your brand has been around for decades or longer but never developed the knowledge and process for effectively marketing a brand on social media. Maybe your brand is already supported by an enthusiastic online audience but is struggling to keep up with their insatiable need for content on social. Your company is certainly on the right track by researching a brand storytelling social media agency like ImagiBrand.


Whatever the impetus for your search, you and your leadership team is weighing its options for creating this social infrastructure within your organization or outsourcing your social to an agency. In all likelihood, you are not sure of exactly what your brand needs. Not to worry. You are certainly not alone.


Below is a satire we produced entitled “SocialSuckitis.” We created this video to not only explain our marketing services in a less conventional manner, but also to provide an example of our own style and brand personality.

Hopefully your brand is already committed to becoming a social brand. Failure to get your social channels aligned with the rest of your marketing mix can result in serious consequences for your brand. On the flip-side, when the right social audience is harnessed by the right social media strategy and the right brand story strategy, the results are quite magical!

Is ImagiBrand the Right Solution for Your Brand?

There are several factors which determine whether or not our agency is the perfect fit. We specialize in transforming brands into media publishing machines, churning out a blended variety of videos, photography and graphics on their social channels. Our leadership at ImagiBrand becomes fully-integrated into the companies we market, acting as a natural extension of their business operations. We are fully-committed and passionate about delivering results that matter to our clients. We will provide your brand the customized solutions it needs to succeed in this ever-changing world of social media. If the marketing objective is growing revenue, that’s where we focus our efforts. If the key objective is increasing engagement, we adjust accordingly. More times than not, these objectives are not mutually-exclusive.

We’ve put together a really special social media agency. We take great pride in having developed an open and collaborative team environment where our client’s brand storytelling and social media marketing objectives take center stage each and every day. We are extremely passionate about helping our clients discover and re-imagine their brand identity, guide their brand positioning in the marketplace and help propel their brand awareness to that next level.

A Brand Storytelling Social Media Agency



The entire ImagiBrand team has a diverse background in storytelling, image management and social media marketing. There is however a single common thread connecting us all to the philosophical core of our company: We are all about fostering relationships. Social media is all about fostering relationships. Brand storytelling on social media is no different than the stories Hollywood has been producing and promoting for ages. Brands must develop their own branded content which engages, entertains, educates, and most importantly, create content that make people feel compelled to share. Regardless of your industry, type of product or service, we thrive in overcoming marketing challenges where others may have failed. We strongly believe that every brand has a story. Every brand just needs the right social media team to help tell it. We are where social media meets imagination and branding. We are a brand storytelling social media agency. We are ImagiBrand.

Searching for a social media solution? Let us know how we may help you./