Does Your Company Have a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media Marketing Strategy


Over the last several years, companies of all shapes and sizes have blindly jumped onto the social media marketing bandwagon without knowing a thing about how to effectively use social media for business. Senior leadership at many companies from the CEO to the marketing director was viewing social media as a public relations obligation and missing the great opportunity which marketing their brand on social media presents. All too often, brands entrusted their entire social media presence to an entry-level member of their company, be it an assistant, a receptionist, and in some horrifying cases, an inexperienced intern. Unfortunately, understanding one’s personal social media has little to do with being successful running several social media channels for a business. Brands which underestimated the potential of social media and failed to devise a social media marketing strategy from the beginning, found that their competitors were succeeding at social media while they were left scratching their heads and pointing fingers at their marketing managers. On the surface, social media might appear like a bunch of fun and games, but that is so far from the reality of what is presently happening online. Marketing through social media is serious business. Social media is where your customers are talking about your competition. Wouldn’t your brand prefer that your customers be talking about your brand, or better yet, talking WITH your brand on social media?


If your company has attempted social media marketing in the past but never had the internal knowledge and expertise to develop a true social media marketing strategy, we encourage your company to explore our collection of social media services to hopefully uncover a solution to generate more leads and manage the reputation of your brand.

What Are Your Marketing Goals for Using Social Media for Business?

Social Media for Business

It is quite possible that your company has yet to identify specific goals for its social media marketing strategy. That’s alright. We can work together to identify those business goals and create a social media plan to help your company reach them. We have expertise working with global brands in focusing their energies towards the right goals by providing them with insights that provide a clear strategic direction.


Some of the most common social media goals uncovered in speaking with brands of all sizes include:

Raising brand awareness through social media

Probably the greatest reason companies reach out to us for their social media marketing strategy is to raise awareness for their brand. While it might be tempting to try and be all things to all people so as to not exclude any potential consumer groups, 99.9% of the time we find ourselves helping brands discover their true market and then focusing their social media branding to reach that targeted consumer group. Each social network has differing user demographics and having a clear understanding of your target is essential for being efficient with your brand’s time and resources. Social media should never be about growing the quantity of your fans and followers, but growing brand awareness with the right targeted consumers where they actually exist on social media.

Increasing social media conversations about your brand

Without consumer engagement, social media is just plain, old traditional media. Unfortunately, many companies on social media have not learned the true value of social media and continue to use social as a means to push the same old advertisements and one-way conversations. Without realizing it, these companies are slowly hurting their brand reputation and providing the perfect opportunity for competitors to lure away their customers with true social media engagement. Your company has already worked so hard and spent hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to earn their present level of customer loyalty. Let’s not allow your brand to push away those valuable consumers that only want to support and show their love for your products and services. Armed with the right social media marketing strategy and the appropriate tools to manage your day-to-day conversations, together we’ll turn your most valued customers into loyal evangelists for your brand. Why should your brand be doing all the work themselves? The beauty of social media is that today’s consumers have evolved into a global army of marketers. Let’s just make sure your brand is worthy of their conversations.

Growing traffic to your company website

Sharing news and content is the foundation of social media. We can work together to provide your targeted consumers a reason to become curious about your brand, a compelling reason to click on links to your website. Maybe it’s special company announcements, brand or user-generated content, product reviews, new product releases, new services offered, a special product promotion or product giveaway, whatever the case may be, let’s provide those reasons for consumers to visit your website, make purchases, fill out forms and enter contests. Working closely with your marketing team, we can choose and build the right social media campaigns that work for your brand.

Providing a boost to marketing conversions

If your brand is looking to generate more sales leads for your products and services, you need to be present where people are these days. With television and print media losing consumer eyeballs each and every year, social media marketing is the single greatest opportunity in the last decade for brands to reach and convert new customers. Companies must proceed with caution however. People can quickly sniff out disingenuous sales pitches on social media. It is one thing to gain consumer attention on social media, quite another to obtain consumer trust. We work closely with your brand to produce a content marketing strategy which contains our recommendations for branded social media content which contain a continuous stream of effective calls to action to aid your sales efforts. Once your company has experienced the true power of social media, the question your entire marketing team will be asking is, “what took us so long to finally start social media for our business?”

Should Your Company Outsource Social Media Management Services?

There are countless social media options out there from which a business must choose. From Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, the list of growing options can make anyone’s head spin trying to figure out how to manage the time investment and creative resources each requires. Every company has differing amounts of resources and talent at their disposal. What might be a perfect solution for one brand, might not work for another. Social media marketing is equally about the creative process as it is about time management. Once we’ve had the chance to get to know your marketing personnel and the roles each play within the company, we can recommend customized social media training, our social media management services, or a blend of both.

It’s Never Too Late to Save Your Social

Every brand eventually faces a point where they need a complete social media overhaul or just a social media tune-up for their marketing team. Whatever the situation, we can certainly steer your brand in the right direction. We love social media. We live and breathe social media on a daily basis. We are a team of MBA-educated marketing and visual creative professionals that can literally transform your online brand identity. It all starts with making sure your brand has a sound social media marketing strategy that makes sense for you and your team.