Social Media Branding: The Greatest Missed Brand Opportunity

Social Media Branding for business


Social media branding refers to what your branded content on social media communicates, from your profile picture and cover photo to your stream of social media posts. Great visuals and captions on social media are extremely important for growing your online brand since great content has shown to increase social media engagement.


We all know that social media marketing is paramount for building a brand. Unfortunately, so many companies are yet to adopt a clear social media marketing strategy and have been doing just as much damage to their brand than good by continuing to make some of the many classic branding mistakes on social media. Many companies are creating more brand confusion in the marketplace by pushing out an eclectic array of non-strategic visual content and messages, leaving online consumers unable to identify with the brand and thereby won’t ever become fans of the brand.


One can always tell when a company is yet to receive the proper social media training because they treat their social media as a random broadcast platform. They are constantly posting blatant company promotional content on their social media, and in doing so, are turning off their present customers and missing the opportunity to attract, engage and convert new customers.

Social Media Branding is the Key to Social Media Success

Having the correct social media branding strategy will only make your brand stronger and more memorable. The saying, “You never get a second chance to make that first impression” is sometimes true in life and equally so in the world of marketing through social media.


We highly recommend that every company have a brand audit and a social media audit performed at least once every couple of years. Without an audit, your brand might be missing out on strategic opportunities to share your brand story with the right targeted group of consumers. With a thorough audit conducted, we can work closely with key members of your company to accomplish the following and more:


  • Establish your brand’s strategic visual identity.
  • Develop a content marketing strategy for your brand.
  • Make sure your brand is communicating the right message to the right targeted consumer.
  • Build your authentic brand personality, voice and message.
  • Develop your brand image through consistency in your social media posting and level of engagement (For some brands, this might require full-service social media management services).
  • Produce social media graphics which capture the true essence of your brand.
  • Shoot branded videos which help tell your brand story.
  • Create social media campaigns that help build your brand and produce measureable results.
  • Formulate a business blog strategy to establish your brand as an industry leader.
  • Make your brand more shareable through strategic photography consumers can relate to and want to be associated with.


Social media branding is easily one of the greatest missed opportunities by countless online brands. Social media is the place where consumers look to make discoveries. It is the place where brand relationships are started, strengthened, and ultimately solidified for life. The right branding on social media can be the ultimate way to build trust, loyalty and provide differentiation for your company.

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