Does Your Company Need a Social Media Audit?

Social Media Audit

Our Social Media Audit Process

In order to best position our clients to succeed using social media marketing, we need to conduct an in-depth analysis of what your brand has accomplished thus far on social media. Our social media audit process reveals what has been effective and what has been less effective in growing your online presence using social media for business. Our social media agency prefers to go beyond the usual vanity metrics that some brands obsess over such as number of likes and followers, to more important insights such as key demographics and trends that provide true value in helping your brand build more leads, make more conversions and finally see the beauty of marketing your brand on social media.

We analyze and report on the entire social media spectrum from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and all other social channels relevant to your industry and your brand. Aside from reporting on just your social media efforts, we also stalk your direct competitors to help you understand their present strategy and tactics, the key demographics of your competitor’s following and the threats and opportunities facing your brand.

In this exciting age of social media branding, it is imperative that our clients refrain from the bad advertising habits of our past and realize that without the “social” in social media, it’s just plain old media. Today’s brands must be engaging, entertaining and continually educating their customers on social media. Social is a conversation. Social is about showing your brand personality and strategic brand storytelling. Our Social Media Audit will reveal how social you actually are and where you stand in relation to the rest of your competitive landscape. In addition, we will help you point out who your most influential brand advocates are and who your brand should be engaging. Lastly, based on the results of the audit we will be able to assess whether it would best serve your brand to have our agency provide daily social media management services or have your marketing team receive social media training from our social media experts.

The Benefits of a Social Media Audit

While marketing through social media can be a fun way to grow your brand, it is also serious business that has the potential to transform any company into a global brand with the right knowledge, dedication and consistency. ImagiBrand’s Social Media Audit will arm your brand with a social media marketing strategy that gives it the best chance to succeed. Social media done the right way can accomplish so many things for a brand. It has the power to reduce your overall marketing costs and provide the strategic direction for your future social media campaigns . It has the power to greatly impact your brand’s position in the organic search rankings. It has the power to provide better customer service and provide validation of your products and/or business services. It provides a brand the ability to humanize itself with a content marketing strategy, enabling consumers to connect with them on a deeper level which facilitates brand loyalty and brand evangelism. It has the power to connect your brand with new business partners. The benefits of having a Social Media Audit conducted are obviously extensive. The question remains: Why hasn’t your brand taken that next step?









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