The Right Content Marketing Strategy
is the Key to Business Social Media Success

Content Marketing Strategy

Times have certainly changed. Gone are the days of one-way advertisements pushing brand messages on a skeptical public. Consumers have grown to distrust traditional company communications, whether it’s the 30-sec TV commercial you fast-forward on your DVR or the 50-foot billboard you ignore every morning on your drive to the office. Today’s consumers don’t like to be told what they should think, what they should feel and definitely not what they should be spending their hard-earned money on. The internet and social media has handed the control over to the consumer who now decides which brands are deserving of their love, attention, and ultimately, their evangelism.

Today’s brands must have a presence online or they become quickly replaced by another social brand placing themselves top of mind with YOUR consumers. They must look beyond traditional marketing and tell engaging stories without just being a message pusher. Successful brands now understand that it is imperative that they develop a content marketing strategy to guide their production of branded visual content to share with their online community. This content must be engaging, entertaining, educational, or inspiring, if they want to filter out all the noise out there on the internet to garner attention from the right targeted customers on the right social media platforms. What kind of content does a brand need to produce? Brands need video production, photography and graphics that strategically communicate their brand message and help tell their brand story to the specific consumers that actually find value in what they are sharing. That is the beauty of content marketing and the essence of social media for business. It’s a non-intrusive form of marketing that, when the content is created correctly, will generate a gravitational pull that drives consumers to you. Every brand has a story. Tell that story right and tell it often and your brand will eventually reap the rewards of differentiation from others in their respective marketplace.

The Big Content Marketing Dilemma Facing All Brands

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Brand storytelling and content creation are at the center of any credible social media marketing strategy. When speaking to company CEOs and their marketing staff, we hear similar stories of brands, regardless of size, that found themselves overwhelmed by the content demands that social media presents. For example, many of these brands were once excited about developing their Facebook business page and Twitter account, but eventually faced what we like to call the “Brand Content Dilemma.” While these brands might have a talented traditional marketing team at their disposal, none of them are truly creative content specialists and definitely not social media content strategists. In addition, visual storytelling on social media requires expertise with using high-end photography and HD video production equipment as well as professional graphic design tools. When a brand doesn’t have the physical infrastructure or these core competencies, content creation for social media can become their Achilles’ heel. Coming up with content ideas day-in and day-out can be extremely challenging. Coming up with content that is fresh and innovative can be downright impossible for brands not equipped with a content marketing strategy, the right creative talent and the right physical tools to help conceive, develop and execute content.

Every Brand Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

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The foundation of ImagiBrand arose from decades of working behind the scenes in Hollywood’s feature-film development and production world and MBA-educated marketers that were early adopters of social media. As a result of this unique background, we have developed expertise in crafting a strategic brand image and brand stories which reach targeted audiences on social media. We provide brands a solution to the “Big Content Dilemma” by working closely with them on developing a customized content marketing strategy which supports their brand image, communicates their brand message and makes them into engaging brands worthy of a social share. Together we’ll build a 12-month strategic content roadmap which will provide your marketing team the direction it needs to build their business social media presence.

Every social media content roadmap contains specific creative ideas for daily social media posting based on each brand’s specific marketing objectives. With that being said, your company can anticipate a content calendar containing some or all of the following types of content:

  • Business blogging concepts
  • Social media engagement graphics
  • Company culture photography
  • Branded product photography
  • Company promotional videos
  • Product and/or service explainer videos
  • Short-form videos providing branded entertainment and/or education

We are very flexible depending on the needs of your company. We can provide social media training solutions which can involve educating your internal team on creating content from within the walls of your organization. On the other hand, we can also work on your social media branding outside your company and task our ImagiBrand creative team with producing your continual stream of branded visual content for your various social media platforms. Sometimes it’s a blend of both. There are no cookie-cutter solutions to content creation. Every brand presents different content challenges which require different creative solutions.

At ImagiBrand, we love developing brand stories and then helping brands share those stories on social media. We are a unique company which treats our clients as family. Your success is our success. Your story becomes our story. Let’s work on your story together.

Interested in working together? Get in touch with us to get the ball rolling.