We Specialize in Brand Storytelling for Social Media

Is your company looking for social media services? Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, ImagiBrand is a creative social media agency specializing in brand storytelling through its full array of social media management services which include everything from daily posts and tweets to producing branded content for social such as engagement graphics and educational videos. We will work closely with your company to help focus its brand identity on social, develop its unique online personality and find creative ways to use social media to tell its brand story. We live by the philosophy that while social media for business is serious business, that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun marketing your brand through social media.


There are no cookie-cutter marketing plans here at ImagiBrand. We develop customized social media solutions that make sense for the size and scale of your brand. Working with senior leadership and key members of your marketing team, we dig deep so as to gain a comprehensive understanding of where you’ve been and uncover the best direction for your brand moving forward. In addition to providing a social media marketing strategy for your brand, ImagiBrand can also increase your online presence by guiding your social media branding, devising a content marketing strategy, providing customized social media training, and managing your social media campaigns.

Social Media Marketing and Brand Storytelling


We’ve put together a really special social media agency. We take great pride in having developed an open and collaborative team environment where our clients’ brand storytelling and social media marketing objectives take center stage each and every day. We are extremely passionate about helping our clients discover and re-imagine their brand identity, guide their brand positioning in the marketplace and help propel their brand awareness to that next level. Our team at ImagiBrand is truly passionate about increasing online conversations and raising awareness with consumers that matter. We are all about collaborating, transforming and producing creative experiences to attract attention and increase the time spent with your brand. Whether it’s the stories Hollywood puts in the theaters or the stories brands share with their consumers, brand storytelling has evolved over the years as audiences have changed how they consume information, what engages them and how they want to be entertained and/or informed. Social media has played a pivotal role in this evolution. In fact, social media has transformed the meaning of what makes a brand a brand. Every single Jane and Joe consumer out there has developed a personal brand that they share with their friends and family on social media every day. And each one of those brands has a story. Today’s social consumer not only wants to understand the what, when and where about the brands they consume, but they need to be able to answer the question as to WHY a brand should become a part of their story, worthy of their sharing and evangelizing about with their peers on their social networks.

A Brand Storytelling Social Media Agency


In order to remain relevant in today’s online world, every brand must make the necessary effort to build their presence on social media. Brand storytelling on social media is no different than the stories Hollywood has been producing and promoting for ages. Brands must develop their own branded content which engages, entertains, educates, and most importantly, create content that make people feel compelled to share. Regardless of your industry, type of product or service, we thrive in overcoming marketing challenges where others may have failed. We strongly believe that every brand has a story. Every brand just needs the right social media team to help tell it. We are where social media meets imagination and branding. We are ImagiBrand.

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